(1)  Load athlete information into the first eight columns (columns "A" thru "H") on the "boys ranking" and "girls ranking" sheets.
The athlete information should match the data entered in Split Second.
(2)  Run Split Second and open the race file.
Export "USSA Number", "Last Name", "First Name", "First Run Result", "Second Run Result" for boys and for girls (be sure to export time in "sss.hh" format).
Repeat for the second race.
You should have four "csv" files.
(3)  Open each "csv" file and copy all of the data and paste in the appropriate sheet (e.g., ""girls SL results", "boys SL results", etc.).
Rankings should be automatically calculated.
(4)  Sort the ranking results for boys and girls.
Select columns "A" thru "Q".
Sort in ascending order columns "O" thru "Q".