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TriState Early Season U14 Training Project at Wachusset

The final plans are in the works for the upcoming Early Season U14 Training Project (Inivtation Only,) at Wachusett Mountain Resort.  A few decisions and options that are dependent on snow and trail conditions are being considered and, when resolved, details will be forthcoming.

The event will held the day after the SkillsQuest with the SkillsQuest on Saturday, December

16th and the U14 Project on the Sunday the 17th.

The selection criteria came from the end of year Championships to consist of 10 1st Year U14's for each gender and 15 2nd Year U14's for each gender.  These are invitations and not slots.  If a racer opts out, the next alternate in the same year and gender will be selected.

Additionally, each region, i.e., Eastern Massachusetts, Western Massachusetts, and Connecticut Youth Ski League has 6 discretionary slots, divided evenly for 3 boys and 3 girls.  These discretionary slots included both 1st and 2nd year U14's for the 2018 race season.


Planned Itinerary

Sunday, December 17th, 2017

8:00 AM     Registration (Granite Room)

8:30     Introduction, Meet Coaches, Break into Groups

9:00     Load Lifts

9:00 – 11:00     Drills, Short Sections, Course Work

11:00 = 12:00 Lunch (Responsibility of the Racer)

12:00 – 4 PM  Short Practice Courses, Long Course

4:00 PM     Short Debriefing

Note: This itineray is subject to change to a 7:00 AM lift load dependent upon available terrain and venue.  Notice will be given asap should that happen.

Selection Criteria

Based on the Tri-State 2017 Championship combined finishes, the follow 1st and 2nd year U14's have been selected for the U14 Training Project on December 17th at Wachusett Mountain Resort. In the event one of the selectees cannot attend, or chooses not to, the next alternate on the master list will be invited. No substitutions made by any region will be accepted.

Each region must notify Jim Blondek of their discretionary slot choices no later than 7

December 2017.