Clinics and Camps

2017 Tri-State/NJ Speed Elements Camp

Date: Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Time: 7:30 am – 3:30 pm

Age: U14 Athletes

Location: Stratton Mountain

Registration: Registration on AlpineReg (click on "State – TriState" and "Club – TSASRA")

Fee: $85 per athlete (includes lift ticket)

Limit: Open to Tri-State and NJ athletes (number of participants will be limited)

Coaching: Experienced coaches supplemented with development coaches

Goals: Introduce athletes to speed through coaching, short sections of courses and elements that teach proper movements; provide educational opportunity for less experienced coaches by working side-by-side with experienced coaches

Equipment: SG or GS skis only

Stations (tentative):

(1) Glide Track

Description: This is a relatively straight section of the trail where the athletes run in a tuck position

Objective: Learn aerodynamic position; develop feel under foot, ankles and legs; build confidence

(2) Phantom jump (dyed)

Description: This is a moderately sloped section which has dyed lines simulating the preparation, take-off and landing of a jump

Objective: Learn the phases and movements of jumping

(3) Pole jumpers

Description: This is a section of poles set across the snow on a moderate to gentle slope; the athletes jump the poles in a medium to high tuck position

Objective: Pressure management and balance; learning to clear the snow with both tip and tail

(4) Wave track

Description: This is a section of rolls groomed into moderate to gentle terrain; athlete skis in a straight run maintaining a consistent high tuck position such that they can absorb the "waves" through flexion and extension of the lower body

Objective: Using flexion and extension of the lower body to manage pressure against the snow over undulating terrain in an aerodynamic position

(5) Short course sections

Description: This is a short section of course that is set on moderate terrain (25-40 meter distance between gates)

Objective: Learning to run gates set at a SG distance; build confidence

(6) Introductory jump

Description: This is a section of the trail with a small jump and landing drop-off that will enable the athlete a low level of flight at a moderate speed

Objective: Learn the phases and movements of jumping; build confidence