Toko Wax and Care Co.

Thanks to TOKO for supplying gifts to our medalists this year and providing personalized waxing suggestions for all our races through the Toko Waxcast

Dewalt Battery Powered tools - official drill of CYSL.

Racers - Photography Services

Pete "Pogo" Pogozelski has been our official photographer for years.  Now his new website has frame by frame shots of many of our CYSL and TriState races.  Here's what Pete says about his website: The style I shoot and this website have but one goal. To allow every racer to achieve their personal best through the method of Visualization, "Show me vs Tell me" Catch me at a race or e-mail at and I can easily teach you how to benefit from using Visualization skills when viewing your performance here. All I ask is you lay down some sweet turns for me!! Rip it Up!

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