Updated 12/30/22

Q.   Why doesn't LIve Timing always work for our races.

ANS.  Not all race timing facilities in CYSL have adequate internet access to run live timing.  For the races that do have reliable internet, see races live at  http://livetiming.USskiandsnowboard.org .

Q.    Will we be using the same online registration system as last season?

ANS. We will again be using AdminSkiRacing.com for our race registration this season.  The family account that you set up last season is still on file.  All you need to do is log on to register for races.

Q.  Can racers from Eastern Mass Youth Ski League or Western Mass Youth Ski League enter and race in CYSL races?

ANS.  NO. CYSL will not allow racers from other TriState regions to participate in their Youth Ski League Race Series, however the CYSL Parallel event may be open to racers from other TriState Regions - TBD.

Q.  What does it cost to become a CYSL member?

ANS. The annual cost for CYSL Membership is $40 (plus the registration website convenience fee).  You also need to register with USSA  and Tristate Alpine Ski Racing Assn ($25) which is automatically done with your USSA registration.

Q. What type of USSA Membership is required to race in CYSL?

ANS.  USSA has new membership categories .  U10's, U12's, U14's and U16's all have different fees associated with their memberships.  You must hold one of the Alpine Competition memberships - you cannot race in CYSL with the General Membership.

Q.  How do I register to become a member of CYSL?

ANS.  Membership is done exclusively online.  Membership Registration is done through Adminsports.net website and to reach the membership registration site by goiing to https://secure.adminsports.net/cysl ,   There is a convenience fee, which is added to your membership, to pay for the online registration fees.

Q. Are there any other costs?

ANS.  Yes, you need to pay for each individual race $63, and your race club may have additional costs to participate in their programs.  Note - A three run race is $75

Q.  What does my membership in CYSL include?

ANS.  YOUR CYSL Membership gains you ACCESS to the race series and a race bib to use at each race.   Entry in each race, requires an additional entry fee ($63 per race), which covers the mountain’s lift ticket, TriState Fencing Fees, CYSL Race Fees,  and the hosting club’s expenses.

Q.   If we keep our race bibs all season, what happens if we forget our bib on race day?

ANS. The racer will be issued a Replacement Bib TO USE THAT DAY.  Your racer will still use the same start number regardless of the number on his /her replacement bib.

Q. How do I enter my racer into a race?

ANS. Race entry and payment is done through the AdminSkiRacing.com, online registration system.    Each race must be entered separately.  You must pay for your entry with a credit card (THERE IS AN ADDITIONAL CONVENIENCE FEE).  You can check to see that your child is registered, by checking the “Roster” for the race after you have completed the registration.  This is a good idea!!!!!   Registration ALLWAYS closes, at noon, on the Friday before each race.

Q.  What if something prevents us from attending the race, but we don't discover it until after completing an online registration - can I get a refund?

ANS.  Yes, if the request is made before registration closes for that race, you will be given a credit card refund for the cost of the race (you will lose the convenience fee)  To be considered for a refund, you must email your request to ra@cysl.org  BEFORE registration closes at12:00 noon on the Friday before the race  OR new this year, you can request a refund through the Adminskiracing site provided you do so before registration closes.

Q. What happens if we miss the race but we already registered and paid online?

ANS.   It is CYSL policy not to refund race fees unless the request is made before registration closes.  If you make your request after that point, you will be offered a Race Credit for another race in the same season.  That's the policy!!!

Q. Since we already have a season pass for my home mountain, shouldn’t races at our home mountain be discounted?

ANS.  Yes, they may, and each CYSL race on AdminSkiRacing.com has a second race event with a discounted price for passholders.  The amount of the discount varies by ski area.  Some clubs collect activity fees through their home race fees.

Q.  I have a voucher for a discounted lift ticket at the host mountain, can I use it on race day to get a cheaper registration.

ANS.  No, you cannot use a discounted ticket on race day.  

Q. If we register online, what do we need to do on race day?

ANS. While this means that you don’t need to pick up your bib, you still need to pick up your lift ticket for the day and check in with your coach.  The exact procedure will vary by mountain.  We will post this information under the Specific Event Information for each race on the AdminSkiRacing.com site.  It's not a bad idea to print your payment receipt and bring it with you in case of a dispute.  The registration table will have a list of everyone who properly paid for the race.

Q. Can I enter, and pay for a race, on the day of the race?

ANS.  NO.  On-site registration is not allowed for any CYSL race.

Q. How old do you have to be to race in CYSL?

ANS. You should be at least 7 years old to race in CYSL, but racers as young as 6 have participated.  If your race program will accept you as a 6 or 7 year old, then you may participate in the CYSL race series.  The upper limit is 13 -  the oldest racers in CYSL are typically 8th grade students.  Older racers compete in the Tri-State Ski Racing U16 and U18+ leagues. (CT, Mass, RI).

Q.  What are the age classes in USSA?  How does that affect the racers this year?

ANS.  The new age classes are U16, U14, U12, U10/U8.  The U16’s will be competing in a separate race series in TriState, while the U14, U12 and U10 will compete within the CYSL.  Your age class is totally determined by your birth year.   Interestingly, some U14 racers will actually turn 14 during the season.  For more information see the following USSA Publication Click Here

Q.  What are the eligibility requirements to race in the CYSL series?

ANS. You must train with a CYSL member Club, hold a USSA Alpine Competitor Membership, TriState Membership, and be a registered member of CYSL.  

Q.  Do I have to be a resident of CT to race in CYSL.

ANS.  No, you just have to participate in a race club program at one of the four mountains that are part of CYSL AND Join CYSL as a member.

Q.  Can you belong to another race league (like VARA in VT) and CYSL at the same time?

ANS.  No.  You can belong to only ONE Youth ski league.  If you do the majority of your training in VT,  you should belong to VARA and if you do the majority of your training in CT you should belong to CYSL.   You must choose only one youth ski league.  Currently there are two Youth Ski Leagues operating in TriState (MASSRA and CYSL).