CYSL Registration Information


Getting Started on Admin Ski Racing

Watch the Video Tutorial

Step 1: Create a Family Account on the New CYSL Membership Registration Site

Create an account for your Family on the following new site   .  

Step 2: Add A Participant

When you create your Family account, you will add your family Participants.   If you are a USSA member, your Member Number will automatically be shown - if you have not completed US Ski and Snowboard membership - you must complete that before continuing.   Be careful entering your participant's birthdate and Club Name.  MTSO, MOH, SUND, POW or THDR.  This info will only need to be entered once.  

Step 3: Register for CYSL Membership

Once your Participants have been created, follow the link to Register Each Participant for CYSL Membership.    If you are a Coach, please add yourself as a participant and register as a coach (no cost for coaches)

If you have any questions about a specific race or what qualifications your Participant will need to meet in order to qualify for a race, contact the race adminstrator.  In CYSL  contact the Race Admin at

If no races appear for your participants, you may have mis-entered your racer's birthdate, or your State Association. this must be done accurately, as birthdate is the criteria used to determine eligibility for each race.

 For more detailed instructions, see the How to Create an Account at AdminSkiRacing page.

•New for 2020-21 CYSL Membership Registration is done through a special Membership Registration Site on AdminSports.  The process is the same to register, but you may need to create a new account even if you had one on AdminSkiRacing already. No mail-in registrations will be accepted.  You MUST be a current member of CYSL by Jan 20 to race in the First Race of the Season

•You must be a member of US Ski and Snowboard, Tristate Alpine Ski Racing Association, and belong to a CYSL member ski club, in order to join and race in CYSL.  The registration site checks for current US Ski and Snowboard membership and will not allow you to add Participants without a USSS member number.   TriState membership dues are automatically added to your USSA membership.

•Any CYSL Memberships completed after January 10, 2021 will be subject to a $10 late fee.   After registering and paying the $35 CYSL Registration Fee, you may register for as many CYSL races as you are eligible.  

Individual Race Registration is also conducted Entirely Online using  You may wish to enter and pay for all the races at one time or you may pay as you go.   The online deadline for individual race registrations is 12:00 PM (noon) on the Friday before the race.  If you wish to withdraw your registration, you must notify the Race Administrator at by the close of Registration.

•Be careful to register only for races that your racer is eligible.  

•When registering on, be sure to include the “E” in your USSA number (some racers have an X instead of E because of their country of birth).  The system will not recognize  your racer without the Region Designation.  E stands for the Eastern Region of USSA, W for Western, C for Central etc.

• You will receive a confirmation email in minutes.  If you do not receive the confirmation, your registration likely did not go through.  Check the race Roster to see if your racer is on the list.  If you believe there is a registration error, contact  Rick Hanbury at

Races at your Home Mountain may be discounted, because you hold a season pass for that ski area.  The reduction in race fee is not uniform and depends on the individual mountain’s policies.   Be sure to indicate that you are a passholder to get the home mountain race discount.

• In all cases, you should register and pay for any races that you wish to participate in, by the Wed. before the race and no later than noon on the Friday before the race - PLEASE DON’T WAIT THAT LONG!!!!   Any race day registrations will be subject to a $20 late fee, in addition to the $55 race fee -all fees to be paid at the race site.

• It is advisable to check each Race Roster, at, to determine if your racer is properly registered and paid for each race.  Due to credit card issues, a racer may be removed from the race roster if payment cannot be processed.