Start Orders

Updated 10/27/21

All racers will be assigned a bib number, within their age class, gender and Team.  Racers will retain that bib number throughout the season.  The field from each class and gender will be divided into 4 seed groups.   Racers will be divided into 4 seed groups, assigned to achieve equal numbers of athletes from each club/ team in each seed.  Within each seed, racers will be assigned a bib number based on date of registration.   Seeds will be rotated throughout the season.  A-B-C-D,  then B-C-D-A, then C-

D-A-B, then D-A-B-C.      CYSL participants keep their bibs as a souvenir at the end of the season. 

The next season, new bibs will be ordered and racers will be randomly assigned a new bib number.

Racers who forget to bring their bib on race day will be issued a paper bib.