2019 Season Racer Rankings

****Final Rankings****

2019 Season Individual Racer Rankings

U14 Boys Final Ranking     U14 Girls Final Ranking

U12 Boys Final Ranking     U12 Girls Final Ranking

U10 Boys Final Rankings   U10 Girls Final Rankings


Each racer’s results, during the CYSL Race Series, are recorded and used to determine their ranking within CYSL.  Ranking is done to determine who is eligible to attend the Post-Season Races in TriState, and also to select Team CT, for the Piche Invitational at Gunstock, NH. 

Each individual run, in a CYSL race, is tracked separately and the best three individual run results are used to determine the racer’s standing.  Three runs = one less than half the total race runs in the qualifying season.  The number of U14 TriState Quota Spots, allotted to CYSL, is based on the percentage of racers from each region of TriState (determined as of December 1)  The more CYSL registrants as of December 1, the more spots will be reserved for CYSL racers at the championships.   All U12 racers are invited to attend the U12 Championships, at Sundown and Mt. Southington, February 23-24, 2019.

The 2019 CT Cup Champion:

Mohawk Mtn Race Team

Congratulations to all the Mohawk Racers and their Coaches.

Team Ranking Method:

Team standings are based on Points earned in each age class and gender at each race.

The top 15 racers in each run earn points for their team (15-1).

The Team with the HIghest Total Points for the season is the CYSL Mountain Series winner.