CYSL Racing Rules and

Post-Season Qualifying Criteria

Racing Rules:

Racing in CYSL will follow the current Alpine Competition Rules (ACR) of USSS.  Decisions, not covered under the ACR, will be decided by a Race Jury consisting of a USSS Technical Delegate – assigned by USSS, the Chief of Race  - assigned by the hosting mountain, and a Referee - appointed from amongst the qualified coaches at the race.   The CYSL Board of Directors may not endorse any actions that violate the rules of the ACR.

Racer Ranking - There Will Be No Racer Rankings in 2020-21:

1.  CYSL will Sanction with USSS and Administer a Qualifying Race Series consisting of a minimum of 6 individual Race Runs of Slalom and Giant Slalom Racing.  Every attempt will be made to equally distribute the race runs between SL and GS, but weather and site issues may render this unfeasible.

2.   The results of the Qualifying Race Series will be used to rank racers within their age class, and these rankings will be used to select racers for regional competitions.

3.  Age Classes – Racers are ranked within three Age Classes: U14, U12, and U10.  For purposes of ranking, U8's are considered a part of the U10 age class.  Racers must compete within their designated age class.

4.  The method of ranking will be based on the finish placing, within the racers age class and gender, of each individual run in the Qualifying Race Series.

5.  The sum of the ranking positions of the racers' “N” - best runs will be summed to determine the racer's season ranking.  

6.  The number “N” will be one less than one half of the total number race runs in the CYSL Qualifying Race Series.  For example:  If there are 8 individual runs in the CYSL Qualifying Race Series, then the racer's best 3 (three) individual runs will make up the racer's ranking in his or her age class.   In extraordinary circumstances, the Board of Directors may modify this formula, but the modification must be approved by a majority vote of the Directors.

7.  A race run ranking of 1(one) is awarded to the top finisher in each age class, for each gender, in each run.  The second place finisher in each age class, for each gender, in each run, is awarded 2 (two) points and so on until all racers are ranked for each race run.  For runs in which a racer is disqualified, or did not finish, or did not start, 990 points will be assigned to that racer for that run.

8.  If ties exist in the season rankings, the tied racers' best individual run finishes are compared , to determine the higher ranked racer.  If the tie still exists, the second best run result is used to break the tie.  If necessary, the third best, fourth best, fifth best, or sixth best runs may be used, in order, to break the tie.

9.  All protests against the results, or conduct of the race, will be decided by the Race Jury, after a protest fee of $50 is tendered.

10.  CYSL racers are expected to attend all CYSL events, including events/races which are not used in the calculations for post-season spots.   A racer who is found to have competed in another competition, on the date of any CYSL event, will forfeit their best individual run race result in the season ranking calculation.  New Rule in 2019

11.  Other races may be held in CYSL, which are not part of the CYSL Qualifying Race Series,

however their results will not factor into a racer's Season Ranking.   An example is the CYSL Parallel,  - this race is not currently part of the Qualifying Race Series.