Mohawk Mountain U10 Festival GS & Skills

Quest - Saturday March 7th, 2020

Event:    U10 Festival GS & Skills Quest (Phase 2)

Location:   Timber (new race trail for 2020) / Use Boulder Summit Chair


7:30-8:15 Registration in the Old Ski Shop

8:15 Coaches meeting on the patio

8:30 Lifts open

8:40 to 9:20 Course Inspection

9:15 Course closed from the top

9:25 Forerunners

9:30 Start 1st Run

11:00 Approximate Start of 2nd run (minor reset between runs, DNFs & DSQs will run last on 2nd run)

11:45-12:30 BBQ Lunch

12:30 to 2:45 Skills Quest, athletes meet on the patio at 12:30 to be organized in to groups

2:45-3:30 Ice Cream social in The Perch (room next to maintenance building)

3:30 to 4:00 Awards in the Perch (Medals for top 5 boys and top 5 girls in both GS race and skills quest)

Official Notice Board:     Scoreboard, located at the Finish Scoreboard:     

All posted times are Unofficial

Protest Method / Fee:    In Writing / $50.00

Governance:      2020 US Ski & Snowboard Alpine Competition Regulations

Officials:     Chief of Race – Scott Meeker

                     Chief of Course - TBA

                     Finish Referees - TBA

Notes: Timber and Rapids are closed for the race from 8:30 to 12:00.

Parents and observers are not allowed on the course and must remain in the spectator area. Spectator area will be clearly marked.

USSA coaches not affiliated and approved for this race are not allowed on the course at any time. Lift Tickets must be worn at all times. Your bib is NOT your ticket.

Please observe and obey all area signs. Please respect all SLOW Skiing Zones. Please adhere to the Skier's Responsibility Code.

Athletes are asked to enter the lift line in a controlled, unhurried manner.

No lift line cutting privileges for athletes or coaches.

Radios:  Channel 7: Race Management (TD, Referee, Chief of Course, Chief of Race, Head Gate Judge, Start & Finish Referees)

               Channel 6:   Coaches (non-race management) Channel 2: Ski Patrol

Uphill Policy: To get to the spectator area, foot traffic will walk across to the tubing area, on the far side of the Boulder Summit Chair. From there they will proceed through to the top of the tubing area where a fenced walkway will mark the way to the spectator area. Please leave extra time to get to the spectator area. No foot traffic is to walk up Nutmeg, Lift Line or Rabbit Run to get to the spectator area.

Ski Patrol:  Located at the bottom of the Pine lift to the right of the base lodge.

Other:  Except for emergencies, please do not enter the race condo, located at the finish. Please contact a jury member to address any issues you may have.

Results:  Unofficial results available at

Tickets:  Tickets will be provided to all registered racers. Parents are encouraged to buy discounted tickets as a group through Mohawk Mountain Group Sales ahead of time. Contact Tom Mitchell at or 860.672.6100. No discounted lift tickets are provided for day of purchase.

Good Luck!